Flash Animation

Fast-loading interactive flash animations from Galway combine images, 3-D animations, lively text, audio, video, music and enhanced interactivity to add sizzle to your next flash based application.

Our interactive flash animation team has extensive experience in creating highly interactive and eye catchy flash animations and applications for corporate or business presentations such as Trade shows presentations, Training presentations, Flash Games, Sales Demo presentations and investor presentations.

Our interactive flash animation team also has experience in taking flash to the next level with interactivity by creating web applications that utilize augmented reality. Click here to view an example of such an application.

Complete Websites:

You can use Flash animation to build a fully functioning website that more greatly enriches your visitors’ experience than any static HTML-only based site can. You can build an very interactive site that would allow the visitors of the site to interact with your product virtually if need be.

CD Business Cards:

Leave behind your contact information with an impressive corporate presentation that includes your value proposition to customers, describes and illustrates your products and services, and includes a link to your website.

Animated Logos:

Enliven your logo with a clever animation. Render your logo in 3-d. Apply your animated logo in different resolution clips for your web site, multimedia presentations, and office screensavers.

Interactive Flash Animation an Industry Standard

An industry standard, Flash animation is today the most widely used multimedia authoring tool for creating fully interactive, real-time animations both on and off the Web. You can accomplish the most amazing animations with Flash without creating huge files that take forever to download or strain the limits of your PC. Flash animation have very low bandwidth requirements compared to that required for animated GIF’s, Quick Time movies, or even Shockwave Director technology.