Interaction design

Anything people do with your application or website is an “interaction”.

When people are buying things from your web shop, what’s the next step after adding their item to their cart? If an error occurs, will everything they have done be deleted? We identify, evaluate and design the interactions people might have with your products and services online.

We orchestrate those interactions and make sure that they are consistent with your site’s information architecture, your business goals and your customers’ expectations. It’s a magical synergy of form, function and interaction.

Once you begin a project with Galway, you will have a dedicated project manager to assist you with all your questions and assure that your unique vision is carried out by our design team. The project manager will remain with you until the project’s completion, keeping our team ahead of schedule and under budget. We’ll work with you until we meet your vision perfectly and welcome all your ideas and direction. We value communication with our clients, and we want to make you feel like part of the team.

Your project manager is fully knowledgeable in what it takes to design a website, as well as what it takes to redesign a website. During a website redesign by Galway, we can take the framework of what already exists and improve it, or we can start from the ground and work our way up using our experienced website designers. Regardless of how much website redesign you need, we’ll be sure to isolate and maintain the integrity of all the content you don’t want to change. We’ll keep that content untouched and still find a way to integrate it into your new design to create a seamless, fully interactive website that will keep your readers or customers coming back.

If maximum interactivity is what you’re looking for, our talented web designers have the answer. We build great looking websites that feature 3D and Flash animations, videos and audio. When a simple blog or text-filled website isn’t enough, call Softway Solutions. We’ll redesign your website to work on handheld devices as well, including smartphones and tablet PCs.