SEO Support

Internet users make over 100 million searches through Google every day. No matter what your website offers, there are plenty of people searching for it right now, but without professional SEO services, they will not be able to find your site. Search engine optimization puts your company’s website on the third, second or even first page of search results for certain phrases and words. Look for a company offering these top 5 most important SEO services to improve your rankings and increase traffic.

1. Keyword Research

Finding the right keywords to target begins with understanding the needs of the company behind the website. An e-commerce site needs different types of keyword phrases than a local dentist’s website. Galway became the top  rated SEO service by excelling at finding the best keywords that balance high monthly searches with low competition. Using the right research programs also helps the company find unique combinations or phrases that are like magnets for search traffic.

2. Link Building

Google looks at the websites that are linking to your site and considers their quality when ranking your page in the results. High quality websites known for providing quality content give you a boost with every link to your site, but simply building a vast catalog of back links from low quality or empty sites will not work. Our company will contact the biggest websites within your industry or topic focus. Their experts will convince them to place rank-boosting links that no one else could secure.

3. Optimization and Restructuring

The biggest search engines need to pull information automatically from your site to evaluate it quickly. Sometimes a certain design element or page organization technique looks impressive, but interferes with information transmission. This lowers your page rank or prevents the search engine from indexing your website at all. When you hire Galway Webdesign, a comprehensive company offering SEO service, they will complete a full website optimization service.

4. Search Engine Submission

Nearly all of the largest search engines, such as Google and Bing, use automatic indexing tools to find new websites and add them to the database. Some less popular search engines still require manual submission. Although these sites do not get the same volume of traffic, many users are loyal to them or prefer the interface they offer over bigger search sites. Since most submission forms ask you to enter in descriptions or keywords for your website, it is best to let a SEO expert do this for you.

5. Rank Reporting

It is not sufficient to make a few website optimization changes and assume that the website is climbing the ranks. Proper monitoring of page rank and incoming traffic levels allows a professional SEO service to continually tweak and adjust their efforts for maximum impact. Instead of wasting hours each day checking these reports, hire the SEO services experts with Galway Webdesign to manage it on your behalf.

Ranking well in the search engine results pages requires thorough SEO analysis and an expert understanding of Google ranking factors. We also won’t present your web developers with a list of SEO tasks to implement. Our SEO team can implement our search engine optimization suggestions through our SEO savvy web design, copy and web development team, as easy as that!

SEO Services

We offer a comprehensive SEO Service to get your website achieving more online.

  • SEO manual penalty removal services
  • SEO Audits for websites
  • SEO landing page design
  • SEO copywriting
  • SEO onpage optimisation (optimization)
  • Local search engine optimisation
  • Technical SEO
  • SEO content marketing services
  • Keywords Search Terms analysis
  • Content gap analysis
  • SEO YouTube video optimisation
  • SEO performance reporting
  • SEO training courses
  • eCommerce SEO services

SEO Factors

Google tends to follow most of the standard SEO rankings factors. Here’s a quick list of tips you need to consider when optimising your website for SEO factors.

  • optimise your local SEO profile with relevant local SEO terms
  • ensure key pages on your website are tagged for relevant SEO terms
  • ensure to target SEO terms that actually generate enough searches
  • infuse your web copy with SEO terms, though ensure your web copy still reads well
  • rather generate referral links from PR and press websites than offshore websites
  • build relationships with industry bloggers for online referral marketing articles

eCommerce SEO for Stores

Optimizing an ecommerce website to rank well in the organic search results requires constant analysis and implementation. Our team of ecommerce SEO experts will constantly monitor and adjust your SEO strategy into what is working best for the latest round of algorithm changes. Here’s a list of fundamental ecommerce SEO tactics that will help your online store achieve more.

  • Rewrite product listings to be unique, keywords rich and persuasive.
  • Use rich snippets that help the search engine spiders comprehend what your pages are trying to rank for.
  • SEO your webstore pages for keywords that deliver the most sales.
  • Image search is becoming quite important, so don’t forget to SEO your product images.
  • Actively harvest user generated reviews.

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