User Interface Design

The user interface is the window through which the world experiences your brand and your product. A powerful user interface bridges the distance between the human brain and the digital product. Understanding human behavior is key to unlocking an exceptional user experience. That’s where user research and user testing come into play.

UID, UI design – no matter what you call it – user interface is the gateway through which users interact with your products or services. Online or offline, it’s the same idea. There’s a saying that a well-designed user interface will pay for itself and more; significantly more.

We take into account best practices across a variety of fields like visual design, usability, information architecture and interaction design to create excellent user interfaces. Our interfaces are both pleasurable for users and give you competitive advantage.


From simple User Interface designs to complex User Experience systems, Galway is able to meet your User Interface needs throughout the production process. Our services incorporate all phases of User Interface Research, User Interface Design, Usability & Development to help guarantee your product’s success.

We create successful UI solutions by understanding  your users’ needs and goals, and interpreting them into User-Centered Design. At Galway, we define innovation as facilitating the development of products that people want to use. We accomplish this by designing products that are relevant to users’ lives and that are feasible to develop. We take the steps necessary to understand your priorities at the conceptual level. Employing extensive User Research, Task Analysis and conducting Innovation Workshops, we identify opportunities that set your product apart in the marketplace and develop a more realistic picture of your users’ needs and expectations. Our expertise in Behavioral Research and developing interactive prototypes further assists in creating a strong foundation that will bridge multiple Concept Exploration to the graphical user interface and Visual Design phases, leading to a successful launch of your product.

We create Intuitive and aesthetically pleasing User Interface designs that give your customers simple and enjoyable ways to interact with your product or service. Through exploration of detailed user research and use case scenarios we are able to create innovative concepts and workflows that help form the foundation for all aspects of successful user interface and GUI design.