Website Development

Your web developer will likely advise you on what platform is best suited to your website. Ask them to explain the pros and cons of any recommendation they make. Each has their own strengths and weaknesses, with some CMS lend themselves to specific types of businesses, such as Concrete5 for designers, while others, such as WordPress are strong all-round choices.

Larger, established CMS platforms such as WordPress also mean that there is plenty of training and support available to help you and your staff to learn how to manage the website.

Have a web development plan

Having a web development team you can rely on for support is great, but you will get more value out of your website if you can manage ongoing content updates in house.  This will give you more control over your costs and ensure that any money you invest in your website is spent on more technological issues. It will also let you make quick changes without depending on anyone else’s schedule.